Export Payments File (Bacs / Bank)

Export Payments File

 After finalising a payrun, if you're not using our automated payments feature, then you'll likely want to download a payments file to upload to your bank,

Support Formats

We support generating BACs files in a number of different formats.

Options include:

  • Standard CSV - A standard CSV file
  • Telleroo - A CSV file formatted for use with Telleroo.com
  • Barclays BACs - A file formatted for use with Barclays BACs Payments
  • Santander BACs- A file formatted for use with Santander Connect
  • Revolut - A file formatted for uploading to your Revolut account
  • Barclays (SIF / Pegasus) - A SIF/Pegasus formatted file. An alternative format for Barclays
  • HSBC Faster Payments (Standard 18) - A file formatted to Standard 18 for HSBC Faster Payments
  • HSBC BACs (Standard 18) - A file formatted to Standard 18 for HSBC BACs
  • NatWest Bankline - A file formatted to the NatWest Bankline standard

Selecting a Format

To set the format of your payment file you need to edit the Employer details.

Click the employer name in the main menu and then choose "Edit Details".

Select the "Bank Account" tab.

You'll see an option labelled "Bank Payments CSV Format". Set this to the desired option.

Downloading the Payments File

There are two places to access the file.

It's linked to from the page you're shown when you have finalised a payrun.

You can also access it under the Reports tab by running the Required Payments report and choosing to download to "CSV for Bank Payments".

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