Import Employees (CSV)

Import Employees (CSV)

Unlike most other import options, importing employees by CSV doesn't first offer you a preview. If the file you submit is valid then it'll be imported.

You can import just about every field for a new employee using the CSv Importer.

Click on "Employees" in the main menu. Then click the  Import button.

You'll see a number of options there but the one we are interested in is the "CSV File" option.

Click it and you'll be prompted to upload your CSV file. IF the data is valid then it'll be imported straight away.

Column Headings

There are many possible data fields that you can import.

The best way to see the available fields is to export employee information and examine the column headings.

The same headings are used for the import as for the export.

Required Fields

There are only 3 required fields.

Payroll Code

This must be unique (ie not already used by another employee in the system or in another row in the file)

Date of Birth

As with all other dates in the file this should be in the format yyyy-mm-dd or dd/mm/yyyy.

Join Date

The date the employee joined the company.

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