Post Journals

Post Journals

If you're connected to an accounting platform then we'll automatically post journals after each payrun.

It's important to first map all nominal codes that are used otherwise you'll get an error that the journal doesn't balance.

You can view the journal for a payrun either under the Reports tab or from the finalised payrun page.

If the journal hasn't yet been posted then you'll see a Post Journal button, click it to post the journal to your accounting platform.

Once posted you'll then see a button to view the journal.

Re-posting Journals

Once the journal has been posted the button to post it naturally disappears. There may be occasions when you need to re-post a journal.

Click on your user avatar at the top-right of the screen and choose "Edit Profile".

In the 'Preferences' section check the box to allow you to 'Resubmit Journals'.

Navigate back to the journal page and you'll see the button to post the journal is now showing.

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