User Roles


When you create a new Employer you are automatically assigned the 'Admin' role.

You can invite others to access your data and when you do you can choose a role for the user.

These are the currently available roles:


You can grant the Admin role to other users. They will have full access to everything.

They can do everything that the account owner can apart from:


This is a restricted role with the ability to

  • View employees and payruns but not make any changes
  • Fully access all reports
  • View Mail logs
  • Connect to new Connected Services


This is a slightly less restricted role than a Reviewer. As well as all of the access that a Reviewer has, an Editor can also:

  • Add new and edit existing employees, but cannot delete employees
  • Edit entries on a payrun but not finalise or start a new payrun
  • Update HMRC Liabilities
  • Manage Departments, Working Patterns and Connected Services
  • Change Payslip Customisation

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