IRIS Masterclass Series - IRIS Docs

IRIS Masterclass Series

The masterclass highlights key areas of IRIS Docs including functionality and features you never know about, combined with efficient and advanced search techniques to increase your expertise but also to ensure that you are getting the most from your Document Management software.

» What will be covered?

  • Session 1 - Functionality you didn't know existed - Tips & Tricks
    • User Interface
    • Data Protection & Security
    • Save Group Member Data To File
    • DPE Process Errors
    • Import Fixed List Data from SQL Database Source
    • Drag & Drop
    • Administration
    • Deletion
    • Reinstate Email Assistant Licence check
    • Updated logging for Email Assistant
    • Control permissions and creation of subfolders on group and folder in-trays
    • Analytics – Key Feature of IRIS Docs
  • Session 2 - Making the most of IRIS OpenSpace – Seamless integration & automation
    • OpenSpace Overview
    • User interface – Dashboard
    • Settings
    • CustomisationLogs
    • Subscription
    • OpenSpace Document Approval
    • Docs Integration
  • Session 3 - Basic & Advanced Searches
    • Text Search
    • Grouping and Filters
    • Exploring
    • Document Search
    • Searching to attach documents
    • Search through outlook


Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
It is a completely self-serve, online course - you decide when to start and when to finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
For most courses, after enrolling, you have unlimited access to the course - across multiple devices. Some courses are limited. For example, Payroll Year-end will be superseded each year.
Do I need an account to register?
Yes. Having an account allows you to see the courses you have registered for, pick up where you left off and see your progress.
How do I register for an account?
Go to the menu at the top of the screen and click Register Now.
What if I have registered previously?
Just click Login (at the top of the page) and you can enrol on your chosen course.
How can I see which courses I have enrolled onto?
Log in to the IRIS Training Centre and click My Courses.
How do I view a course?
Once you have enrolled on a course, click the course name in My Courses and the curriculum will be displayed. Click on any heading to view the video.
Do I need speakers / headphones?
Yes. There is an accompanying voiceover to guide you through the process.
What if I don’t know my password?
On the Login page, click Forgot Password and follow the on-screen instructions.
Where do I go for IRIS Training Centre help?
Email [email protected] (Please note: This is for help on using the Training Centre, not on the topic of the videos.)

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